June 25, 2024 (Admin) About Us

The Faculty of Education was established as a teacher training school on July 1st, 1934 by the Yala Provincial Governor at Malayu bangkok Village.

          1934   2-year-primary Teacher Training School was established.

          1939   The school was closed for the entire academic year.

          1951   Krumul Teacher Training Session started.

          1962   Yala Teacher Training School was upgraded to Yala Teacher Training College.      

          1963   The Diploma of Higher Education was launched.

          1975   The Faculty of Education was established.

          1992   Yala Teacher Training School was honorably renamed as Yala Rajabhat Institute.

          2004   Yala Rajabhat Institute was accredited as Yala Rajabhat University.

          2008   The Graduate Diploma Program in Teaching Profession was launched in the collaboration with the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)

          2010   The Undergraduate Program in Psychology began.

          2012   The graduate Program in Teaching of Islamic Education began.